Who We Are

Each person at Innovate is an equal partner. When you work with one of our partners, you are working directly with an owner of this firm. Each person is an expert in this industry with over 20 years experience designing, developing, and manufacturing products.

Each of us at Innovate has worked for and with many different companies in many different industries. Because of this, we have exposure to many alternative materials and manufacturing processes, as well as creative ideas and solutions. We bring those processes and ideas to all of our projects to create the best possible product.

years developing great products


Collectively, we have experience working with a wide range of product industries, from medical to industrial, and from consumer to business. As a client, you will benefit from the vast experience we bring to bear on your product development challenges.

We strive to maintain long-term relationships with our clients. This is reflected in the large amount of repeat business that we take on.

Our Clients Leave Happy

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