Meet the Innovate Team

Jeff’s lifelong interest in design and creativity found a perfect outlet when he learned about the profession of Industrial Design. Jeff now holds a BFA and MFA in this field. He has been involved in product development for over 20 years. His experience is diverse; he has designed products ranging from boats to surgical instruments and from toys to electronics testing equipment.

Since joining Innovate as a partner in 1996, Jeff has been responsible for product concepts, animations, human factors, CAD support, and all things design. He loves keeping clients happy and keeping engineers fired up.

When not designing products, Jeff is spending time with his family or taking beautiful photographs with his beloved Nikon camera.

Following college, Roy was immersed in the consumer electronics industry with Sony Corporation. He was an integral part of the USA design team. During his time with Sony, Roy became familiar with Japanese shop floor philosophies, in which the design team is involved with all phases of a product from industrial design concept through the release to production.

Curiosity and “Greener Pasture” syndrome led him to the medical device industry, where his experience in product development came in handy when bridging the gap between design and manufacturing. The highly-regulated nature of the healthcare industry presents a new viewpoint to the team approach to product design and effective design processes. Roy’s experience managing an overseas medical device production facility eventually led to his involvement in building an offshoot medical device company here in the US.

After spending time in the corporate world, Roy chose to return to his first passion: product design. He joined Innovate in 2004. Like the rest of the team here at Innovate, Roy has many technical hobbies. He also loves bicycling!

Daniel can truly say his career is his passion. He started at Texas Instruments designing assembly fixtures for complex IR sight systems. He moved to the TI Consumer Group where he managed the mechanical development team for several products from focus group testing through manufacturing. In 1992, Dan moved to Austin to work for Design Edge and helped grow the company from 9 to over 50 people in 8 years. He did practically every job at DE including Director of Engineering. With his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Industrial Design, Daniel has found his niche and his passion in product development.

Dan joined Innovate in 2001. He loves to explore the limits of Solidworks from analysis to complex surfacing. He works with awide variety of tooling and manufacturing vendors as well as his customers to optimize every design.

In Daniel’s free time, you can usually find him on a bike, building furniture or enjoying friends and family.