Relationships matter for good business

How to Evaluate the Best Development Partner for You

Relationships – Who needs them!

Actually, you do…

We won’t give any personal advice but we might be able to help with choosing an appropriate product development firm.  

When you decide you need help with a project you really want to treat the relationship with nearly the same amount of caution you take in choosing any partner. Put aside preconceptions and start evaluating what you really need.

Can this company really help you?

Treat this like an interview because that is exactly what it is. Don’t be fooled by outside appearances. Anyone can rent a nice office and present pretty brochures.  Find out about them. Ask for references and take the time to contact them.

  1. How big are they? Do they have the horsepower and expertise to handle your project? Or are they so big you will be lost in the background?
  2. Are they willing to discuss the process? And will they include you in that process?
  3. Are they straightforward with you? Are they clear on costs, timelines, and whether your project fits their company?  

Be prepared for them to interview you, the relationship goes both ways.

You are going to be spending a lot of time and money together so don’t underestimate a philosophical fit being important. Actually enjoying the process and the individuals can make all the difference in having a successful project.

Take your time to be selective with who you will work with, it can change the experience from awful to awesome.

RoyMellingRoy Melling – Partner

Roy joined Innovate in 2004, bringing with him a background in development of consumer electronics and health care products.

Whether bridging the gap between design and manufacturing or dealing with medical device compliance, Roy has extensive knowledge in the manufacturing end of product development, both domestically and overseas.

If you like, you can always connect with him directly on LinkedIn.


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