Making Tradition New

Daniel Boulud Kitchen Equipment

We try to get creative with every new client that comes our way. Sometimes, our clients have cultural and historical needs that must be represented in the concepts we come up with.

Case Study: Lifetime Brands & Chef Daniel Boulud

Lifetime Brands is a leading kitchenware, cutlery, and tableware manufacturing company with a large number of brands in its portfolio.

When they reached out to Innovate, Lifetime was working in partnership with the world-renown chef and restaurateur, chef Daniel Boulud. Chef Boulud needed his product line to perform up to the high expectations of a professional chef. With these products, we also wanted to acknowledge and honor the culinary history of Chef Boulud’s classical French training. The results were a line of products that we had a lot of fun designing.

Working directly with a Chef proved to be a fantastic exercise in design and creativity. We used our extensive product and ergonomics knowledge to meet his expectations, and he continually inspired the design process.

Chef Boulud’s experience influenced the form language of both the cutlery and the cookware. We looked at classical cooking techniques and incorporated modern manufacturing methods and material choices for each product in the line.

How do we balance cutting-edge performance without losing site of tradition? Innovate was able to merge iconic French traditions with modern materials for a truly unique line of creative products for the kitchen.

Our Creative Process Is Adaptive

The products we help develop must accurately represent the brands we work with. We love when we can cross creative borders and work with practitioners to make products for their respective fields. We are constantly inspired by what our clients can bring to the table with each new product.


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