Satisfying Demanding Customers

Ideal Electrical Product Design Development

Our clients are influencers whose customers have high expectations. Over the years, Innovate’s process has adapted to specifically meet the needs of these kinds of customers.

Case Study: Ideal Industries

Ideal Industries manufactures tools for professional electricians. Their collection of products needed a cohesive visual identity across the entire line. They also needed help with a range of new specialty products that we helped them develop from the ground up.

We provided industrial design services that helped Ideal Industries create a design language for their product line. Their customers have very high expectations, so we knew we had to focus on product performance and reliability. That’s where our team’s mechanical engineering expertise came into play.

During the multiple rounds of prototyping, we tested for product performance and durability via real-world scenarios and lab-based life testing. For both design and performance, we gathered feedback gathered directly from Ideal Industries customers themselves.

When your brand develops a new product, we know you don’t want to sacrifice that hard-earned reputation. Through a process of gathering customer feedback and extensive prototyping and testing, we helped Ideal Industries develop products that fully met their customer’s expectations.

Our Stress-free Process for Professionals

If you are a successful business with a new product in mind, chances are you are very busy. We understand. We work with business leaders who need a concrete timeline to launch a new product, but who also seek flexibility. Each project we take on is designed with the client’s needs in mind.

We measure our success by how satisfied our business clients are with their product solutions. How do we know that we’ve done a good job? Our clients keep returning.

All feedback is good feedback. Our process is highly collaborative, down to the minor details. If there is something you aren’t happy with, we’re not happy with it either.


Go above and beyond your customers expectations.