Penetrating New Markets

Targeted specialty product development
We’re lucky to have worked with clients in so many ground-breaking industries, from medical devices that save lives to tools for network storage and security. We make it a priority to develop products of value for our clients’ target consumer audiences.

Case Study: Buffalo Technologies

Buffalo Technologies manufactures computer storage and networking devices. Historically, this company focused heavily on the PC market. Buffalo Technologies contacted Innovate for help with their first product specifically targeted to Apple customers and Apple stores.

For Buffalo Technologies, we worked through a range of design concepts and helped define the purpose and goals of this new product. Our team also assisted in aligning design perception at a corporate level.

Initially, the product was envisioned as a traditional hard drive. We explored ways to differentiate the product’s value in the Apple market by talking with Buffalo Technologies’ global personnel and end-customer contacts. We worked with their Pacific Rim manufacturing to oversee design intent from start to finish.

With a long standing history of successful products for the PC industry, Buffalo Technologies wanted to penetrate the Apple market. In particular, get their line into the Apple Stores. But that was going to take a different look and approach than what the company did in the past. Innovate worked with Buffalo Technologies to develop a new hard drive and dual dock system. Along the way, we helped them negotiate the peculiarities of the Apple marketplace.

We Love What We Do

New technology is exciting, and so is breaking into new markets. But the everyday products we’ve worked on are of equal value to us because these are the products that make people’s lives a little less hectic. Whether we’re building something new, improving on a concept, or penetrating a viable, desirable marketplace, each and every project is exciting.


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