Creating a Unique Identity

Collaborative product development

Innovate is dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open. In fact, we rely on it. Making a customer’s ideas into marketable reality depends on collaboration.

Case Study: Wilton Enterprises

Wilton Enterprises designs, manufactures, and markets consumer houseware products with a focus on baking, cake decorating, and candy and cookie making. Bakeware is a challenge because there are so many product companies out there selling very similar products. Wilton Enterprises needed some way to differentiate products for multiple clients who sell what is essentially the same types of standard-sized bakeware.

We were able to work collaboratively with Wilton and their many clients to solve this problem. Through a process of concept refinement, we developed over a dozen bakeware lines, each with their own visual identity, some with as many as forty different items in the line. The result is uniquely valuable products that work in a variety of ways and speak to different types of customers.

For manufacturing companies that sell similar products to multiple customers, competition is an issue. We worked intimately with Wilton to satisfy each of the customers.

Collaboration Leads to Better Products

Collaboration helps us earlier on in the development process. It helps us design your products with all stakeholders in mind. Your feedback ensures that we have hit all our bases before we move forward with production. We work hard to set up our collaborative meetings around your schedule.

Bad communication is a pain point that some of our clients have experienced when working with other consultancies. Innovate has worked on hundreds of products, which has given us the opportunity to fine-tune our process. We built feedback-gathering into our approach so that none of the details fall through the cracks. After all, we are designing your product. Your input is not only welcome, it is essential.


Are you ready to start the collaborative design process?