Handling the Toughest Conditions

Crane Radio Remote Control

Bringing a product concept to life with speed begins with good planning. Our team has over two decades of experience with thoughtful user research, feasibility testing, and mechanical engineering. We know what problems can arise, so when they do we can troubleshoot quickly.

Case Study: Magnetek

Magnetek manufactures power and motion control systems for the material handling, elevator, mobile hydraulic, and mining industries. Their products are subject to extreme levels of abuse. They wanted to design a radio crane controller with improved ergonomics and easier manufacturing without sacrificing durability.

We started with ergonomics since Magnetek’s Telependant controller relies on touch. The form had to fit comfortably in the users’ hands. We explored alternative button configurations, but in the end, we went with the standard six button vertical column due to all the legacy knowledge of crane operators in the field. Our research showed that departing from that familiar layout could have had serious consequences.

In the field, these pendant controllers undergo a lot of abuse. When they come back for service, they are sometimes unrecognizable. So, solving the ergonomic issues would mean nothing if the product could not withstand wear and tear. Magnetek called upon our experience with electronic enclosure engineering, which helped us develop a rugged, chemically resistant, fully sealed controller that can survive 30-foot falls from warehouse catwalks.

Efficient Time Management is our Primary Goal

A smart project management plan is key to a swift and efficient product development schedule. We keep things transparent throughout the schedule. If there is a problem that needs more research or a concern with the design, you will be the first to know.

We work around unique schedules and timelines every day. Some products require a longer process than others, but efficiency is always the goal, no matter what. We want to help you get your product into the manufacturing phase quickly, but we never cut corners. You’ll walk away from this process with a product that works.


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