“Innovate has been instrumental in revamping our entire product line. They have a remarkable ability to quickly understand intent and put it into practical design. I’ve found them to be entirely professional and efficient. I recommend their services without reservation.”
Amfit Inc.

“Innovate has never failed to deliver anything less than stellar results for us and our clientele. We have worked with them many times over a span of years and have always found their competency and quality of work to be exceptional, the service to be excellent, and the pricing to be very competitive.”
Director of Business Development
Additive Manufacturer

“Innovate can really put your vision and dreams into reality. Great in brainstorming complicated and difficult products and parts resulting in a solution for our DoD customers.”
GeneXpress Informatics

“The work at Innovate does is done with great care to accurately represent my idea. They listened to what I wanted the product to be used for, and kept that in mind while designing, yet still gave input based on their prior experiences, as to what would be the most beneficial, cost-effective route. The end result was a design that didn’t even need to be revisited before I was able to make a prototype.”
Independent Entrepreneur

“We have worked with Innovate on several programs, and their knowledge of Solidworks along with their diverse engineering/design background have made any situation solvable. Innovate’s attention to detail coupled with their ability to listen and understand the customers needs are invaluable. Their critical thinking and reasoning have allowed us to collaborate on some amazing solutions in a timely manner.”
R&D Manager
Sheets Golf Design

“Innovate embodies the rare and valuable combination of raw talent, impressive training, vast experience, unbounded creativity, razor sharp intelligence, strong work ethic and a professional bedside manner that consistently produces the highest potential for any project in a way that is a genuine pleasure to experience.”
Independent Entrepreneur

“After three prototypes Innovate successfully met all my requirements and the final product was released for testing.

Innovate’s ability to listen to my needs and make recommendations as required helped in the final design of our product. Their commitment and professionalism to help me reach my needs has established a strong partnership between us. As I continue to work on other projects, Innovate will continue to be my partner.

I highly recommend Innovate to any individual and/or company seeking to receive the personal touch.”
Satisfied Customer
Independent Entrepreneur

“Innovate provided unique design and engineering work for our first product which won a gold IDEA award along with numerous other awards, combining creative marketing elements in the design we still use today.”
Maternus Medical

“The innovative case work by Innovate will be the guiding form for our new diagnostic temperature technology that will be used on ranching operations throughout the world.”
HerdX, Inc.

“Innovate has been a part of our development practice for over a decade. I would highly recommend their work in mature product lines that need a new kick or young start-ups that are breaking new ground. I have personally used their services in both.”
President & CEO
Vital Needs International

“I have had the pleasure of working with Innovate over the past eight years on a continuous basis. I have a small consulting practice that is heavily involved in new product development, Innovate has been extremely helpful assisting me with the development of components for new products, we have just completed a one million dollar project to design and develop a high performance Lawn and Garden Sprayer. We worked as a team, I with the original concepts and Innovate with the engineering design, which turns ideas into functioning components. We have been very successful on this and many other products over the years.

I am extremely impressed with Innovate’s engineering design capabilities, not once have we had to go back and make changes to a component, once the design was complete and the component manufactured, it worked as conceived the first time every time. I will continue to work with Innovate as required and have no hesitation recommending Innovate for any engineering design concept that may be required. I would be happy to speak to anyone in this regard and wish Innovate much success with their new venture.”
Robert Smith Consulting Group

“Making ideas to a final product is a very difficult task. Innovate has an unique ability to listen and transfer ideas into workable drawings in one or two revisions, which in my experience, is truly unique.”
IS Supplies

“Innovate is an engineer’s engineer. They know the mechanical side thoroughly and they can make the CAD software ‘sing & dance’ to any tune.”