Product Expertise from Concept to Market

At Innovate we design and engineer products. It’s what we’re passionate about and we’ve been doing it for many years. Our company is comprised of senior level professionals with years of experience in all areas of product design and engineering. This experience is what enables us to step in and help companies whose product development teams are at capacity or just need a new approach, as well as assisting startups in realizing their first products.

Innovate Can Assist You

Product Research
The new-product development process starts with an idea. Your idea. Thorough research is crucial to understanding the market and product requirements. Learn more about our product consulting »

Product Development
We offer you more than the typical product design shop. We are a team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers, each with 20+ years of technical experience creating tangible products. Our expertise will take you from the research phase through to manufacturing.  Learn more about our product design »

Product Support
We create and manage comprehensive strategies for developing new products and bringing them to market. Let us help you manage a successful development process to meet your schedule, cost and product requirement goals.  Learn more about our product development »


Have a question about Innovate's services, or ready to start developing your new product?