Product Development Done Right


Those products you love? The one that you didn’t know that you need, the products that work the way you think? That’s great industrial design. Those products that take beating and keep on working? The ones that stand the test of time or go with you where ever you go? That’s product development done right.

We’ve worked on hundreds of products in the 20+ years that each of our partners has actively worked in the industrial design and development industry.

We know our way around Solidworks, but more importantly, we know how to make great products that can be manufactured cost effectively.

“Innovate provided unique design and engineering work for our first product which won a gold IDEA award along with numerous other awards, combining creative marketing elements in the design we still use today.”RON HICKS - President, Maternus Medical

Industrial Design

“Industrial design is the foundation of every new product we develop. This is how you perceive a product, how it feels in your hands, how it is used and what kind of statement it makes about you.

  • Develop concept sketches and creative ideas
  • Create aesthetic design of features and parts
  • Define ergonomic considerations
  • Fabricate preliminary sketch models
  • Create 3D models in Solidworks
  • Create photorealistic renderings
  • Create product animations

Mechanical Engineering

What we design is more than skin deep. We offer full mechanical design and engineering services. Our CAD data can be used for prototype models, analysis, product documentation, and final tooling fabrication

  • Create mechanical concept alternatives
  • Create parts and assemblies in Solidworks
  • Ability to create complex surfaces where applicable
  • Define materials and processes needed for fabrication of parts and assemblies
  • Define assembly processes and requirements
  • Define the physical attributes of the product such as size, weight, volume, CG, etc.
  • Perform finite element analysis of features and parts
  • Perform sustainability analysis
  • Source and support safety reliability testing
  • Preliminary Product Cost

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