Have a Challenge? We Have Some Ideas.

Strider Mobility Chair Do you have a great product idea? Great products always start with a great idea, but how do you know if people will buy it? How much does it cost to produce? What features are non-negotiable?

Many of the most important factors impacting your product’s development need to be considered and addressed well before the product design process begins. This is where Innovate’s experienced professionals can provide an immense amount of value.

Product Research

We can help you find answers to the following questions:
  • What problems can your product solve?
  • What is the market – what are the differences between users and purchasers?
  • What is a realistic schedule for development and production?
  • What features and controls are needed for the product?
  • What are the power requirements?
  • What are the environmental operation requirements?

Innovate can assist you in the research phase of the new product development process, as well as help you define critical issues that could impact your product and how to address them. At every step of concept development, design, engineering, and production we can provide the guidance needed to produce a great product.

Additionally, if in-depth research is needed to validate your idea, we can help you find a firm that specializes in that area.

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